TENET: Does It Deliver?

Chritopher Nolan’s Tenet has an abrupt start, the protagonist’s entry is equally sudden. but the entire plot of the movie takes its time. The complete movie is a roller coaster of plot twists. It’s as if the viewer is making his way through a maze, trying to figure out where the maze would take him next, and where it will end, only to find himself back in the start. If you don’t understand what I mean by the previous long sentence, this will make you understand:’ It’s a time travel movie.’ Yes, kind of like Back To The Future but with a more serious topic: ‘The destruction of the world.’
The antagonist, like always, is bent on destroying the entire world with a nuclear explosion, including himself, which didn’t make sense to me but anyways. The protagonist is running against time, as the antagonist has already figured out how to use time travel to his advantage, and prevent him from destroying the world. I hope I’m making sense here.
The genre is sci-fi, packed with action but not entirely as there are instances where the characters have to sit together and make sense of what they are doing. The movie is filled with sequences that go in rewind, some of short duration and some of long, so I warn you that these will effect your mind because when I came out of the screening, it felt like everything around me was moving in reverse.
The performances are quite good, especially of Michael Caine, whose brief cameo makes no sense at all! The main cast minus Kenneth Braagh and Robert Pattinson seem like they were just showing off. Maybe that is how Elizabeth Debicki and John David Washington were told to perform by Christopher. Anyways, as I said before, the performances were good.
In conclusion I would say that this movie was more like an experimental film, and yes, experimenting by crashing a real 747 was a success, but don’t get too much into it as the crash is all a hype! If you are a Christopher Nolan fan then you would definitely watch it and like it, but if you’re not then you will have mixed feelings about it. Anyways, the movie would make sense after multiple screenings.

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