Interview With Actress Ayesha Omer

Ayesha Omer is a Pakistani actress known for some of her amazing roles. Ayesha was in London for Yalghar promotions during which I had the opportunity to interview here.

You played the role of Zarmina in the film ‘Yalghaar’ and I am curious to know how you cried so much in the film? 

Ayesha Omer: (Laughs) That’s an interesting question. No one has asked me that question yet. Well, when I was shooting that cave sequence, I was going through some personal things in my own life. So, I kind of cheated and used that to portray Zarmina’s emotions. We shot 6 to 7 sequences in the cave and of course we had to amend few scenes because the film became very long and the director had to cut a quite few scenes out of the film. I was crying for 5 days straight. I blocked everyone out on set when I was not shooting by listening to very intense music. I chose a few songs which were really emotional  so they could transport me back every time I was getting out of character. I was emotional and naturally crying all the time, and you know, I’ve never cried that much in my life. 

We are talking about the revival of cinema for so long since the film Khuda Ke Liye was made. Do you think you, in your own capacity, are doing anything to bring the old film culture back, for the current and future generations?

Ayesha Omer: Well, I am trying. Its humbling and a very huge honor that I am sort of acting and being cast in films at the time of revival of cinema in Pakistan. I think any contribution that I can do and any part that I can play  to sort of take that further. I hope that I live up to the expectations of the people and actually play my part in doing exactly what you suggested. Yes, the gold era of the cinema that you are seeing, I really wish that we bring that back to Pakistan. I really hope that we were even half as good or one fourth as good as the people we’ve grown up seeing. 

Who is your personal favorite from most senior lot?

Ayesha Omer:  I am a huge fan of Babra Shareef, am also big fan of Nadeem sahab. I didn’t see Waheed Murad much  because he passed away really young. But I’m also big fan of Shan and its really a huge honor that I have worked with him in Yalghar. He is a star. Then I am also a really big fan of Reema, her evolution from where she started and where she is now, of course she comes much later, you are talking about the most senior lot but I am a big fan of Reema. Madam Noor Jahan is love, she was a star as well and people like these are huge inspiration for us. 

Is there anything personal that motivated you to pick up the role in Yalghar?

Ayesha Omer: I was offered this character by the director Mr. Hassan Rana and of course I couldn’t say no because it was a character of a very strong young girl. It was the first film that I signed. Its just been tense and a learning experience playing this character and am glad that I picked it up. So yes, It was offered to me and there was no way that I could say no. I knew that it would help me evolve as a person as well to play that character, to work with all these big names and to work on a film which is sending out a strong message.

In the end, do you want to give any message to the Pakistani people, here who are reading this interview?

Ayesha Omer: It an absolute pleasure meeting Pakistani fans all over the world. Back home we interact with people on a daily basis. The love of overseas Pakistanis is so humbling and thank you so much for all the love and appreciation. Keep watching Pakistani television and Pakistani cinema, we need all your support. Support Pakistani cinema as much as you can. Do watch the movies of Pakistan all over the world and keep your love the way it is.

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