LOWLIFE LOVE Is A Third Window Film Masterpiece – Film Review

LOWLIFE LOVE Is A Third Window Film Masterpiece, which has had successful screenings in film festivals world wide.

LOWLIFE LOVE Is A Third Window Film Masterpiece which has been produced by Adam Torel and directed by Eiji Uchida. The cast includes Japan’s indie film actors Kiyohiko Shibukawa, Denden, Yoshihiko Hosoda and a new face Maya Okano. Other actors who give guest appearances are Kanji Furutachi and Kanji Tsuda.

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The film gives an inside look in the indie film industry of Japan. The struggles that people involved in film making go through, are shown in fine detail. There are Producers and Directors trying to make a comeback after years of making their debuts, and actors who are looking to make it big by getting in bed with them. The ordeal of Tetsuo in the film, is similar to any other Indie film director, who has made a successful debut, but has not carried it on as a career. Thus, trying to get back into making films, he goes on to look for some good actors and actresses, but fails to find any. His friend Mamoru is a shady character, and in a way a bad company for Tetsuo, as he has connections with dodgy people for whom he makes POV porn. They together find a script writer Ken and an actress Minami who turn out to be very talented in their fields. Tetsuo finds Ken’s script very interesting, and plans to make it into a film but things start changing when Minami is chosen as the lead because of her flawless acting abilities, and at the same time other directors approach her to work in their films. Each character in the movie, is a reflection of the society to which they belong. They are all trying to move on in one way or the other. Some are using honest means, while the other are using shortcuts. For some, it is a battlefield, and to win the battle they would go to any means necessary.

It is a very well scripted and a very carefully directed film which is quite different to what Eiji Uchida has done before. The performances are quite natural, with Kyohiko Shibukawa and Maya Okano shining in their roles. Being the first ever production of Third Window Film, it is I must say a job well done. According to the director, the film was shot in total 8 days. It shows that the film was well planned before being shot, and rehearsals might have been done, the fruits of which can be seen in the film. It is a must see for Japanese Cinema fans, as it carries in itself the uniqueness which every other film of such a genre carries.

LOWLIFE LOVE Is A Third Window Film Masterpiece. LOWLIFE LOVE Is A Third Window Film Masterpiece

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